The Journey of Homemade Styluses

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I was studying in the university thinking about how to make more money. Living life in the heart of Bangkok I wasn’t having enough to make ends meet and my parents weren’t capable to give me more so what was I suppose to do?

2010 came the unveil of iPad with endless possibilities. Everybody talked about it but still it was expensive. As also me I cannot afford. One day, I was browsing internet to find a brand of stylus ‘Pogo’. It was something really amazing! I saluted the designer, in my mind this was another breakthrough revolutionary. I kept browsing to find that the product was already here in Thailand but with ridiculous price tags. So the basic merchant skill started to activate. ‘I will import these things and sell it cheaper.’

I looked in the bankbook to find there was 4000 baht. The first lot of 10 styluses arrived after a month. The sales were fast because it was the trending product. Everybody wanted to put hands on it. I didn’t know how good or how bad they were until one day, a customer emailed me and said the tip already teared after a couple days of usage. I didn’t give him any refund policy. I can only say sorry but still, I felt guilty selling him a bad product.

Then I did a ton of online researches. I wanted to know how stylus actually works. Then I found out, I just need to replace the tip with something that works the same but tougher. Thanks google, I found a conductive fabric the most amazing thing ever to make the tip. After a lot of prototypes, trials and errors, I brought the final product to the market in early 2011 with lifetime warranty. I never want my customer to be disappointed. With the word of mouths, the sales went skyrocket.


homemade stylus homemade stylus homemade stylus homemade stylus homemade stylus

Product Photography in 2011


A customer’s sketches from


I’m very grateful for positive comments and recommendations spread virally that time. I was really proud to be able to make my own income at early age. I decided to stop getting financial support from my parents and kept continuing on the path of business. It was small and it’s still a very small accomplishment but it helps me to discover to be ‘me’. Without this I wouldn’t know that I can actually make something valuable. I wouldn’t know myself that I love doing business. It’s a small chapter with such a huge impact to my life and I will never regret.