The Best Homemade Stylus Ever Made 


“Seriously love these things. I take notes at the office on my iPad using the Notability app, and this stylus takes it to the next level. So glad that I now have 8 so even if I lose a few, I won’t panic. I may look dorky writing on an iPad, but all my friends try to steal this stylus. It is that good. Keep up the great work!” – Rebecca Gustafson

“Just received them, and I think I will love them. Much better than the spongy styli I have used and feels more durable than the felt-tipped ones. Can’t wait to really put it to the test.” – Teri Miller

“I LOVE THIS STYLUS! I have used and tested many stylus with my iPad/iPhone and this is by far the very best I’ve come across. Many of the stylus I used/own are top-of-the-line and sometimes rather pricey, but none of them compare to this product, plus working with the shop was really easy and the communication with the owner fantastic! The stylus arrived in record time, which was made all the more impressive by the fact that it shipped from Thailand. Thanks for such a great experience!” – Krissi Degen



「ゴム製は好きじゃない。でも、筆製は書きにくい」という人は、ぜひ、iWhateverを試してみてください。もちろん、この手作り感が好きな人にも絶対におすすめですよ。” – Zonostyle.com


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